More Musicians Pledge to Boycott Florida (Video)

July 24th 2013 | New York, NY

Stevie Wonder

While performing in Quebec City on July 14th, Stevie Wonder reacted to the non-guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial by announcing that he will no longer perform in Florida or any other state with the “Stand Your Ground” law until it is revoked. Recently there have been reports that other celebs are  joining his boycott. The list below was confirmed by sources close to Stevie Wonder but many have questioned the validity of the list.

Florida is one of at least 23 states that have the “Stand Your Ground” law or a similar version of the law. By agreeing to the pledge, artists would have a difficult time touring across the U.S.

List of musicians that have allegedly joined Stevie Wonder’s boycott:
Mary Mary
Eddie Levert
Rod Stewart
Pattie Labelle
Kanye West
Mary J
Trey Songz
Jay Z
Rolling Stones
Justin Timberlake
R. Kelly
Will I AM
Keyshia Cole
Young Jeezy
Erykah Badu
Frankie Beverly
Parliament -Funkadelic