Justin Bieber Rubs Sweaty Balls on Fan’s Phone (Video)

Justin Bieber can’t seem to keep himself out of the news, if you can even call this news. I’d love to see Tom Brokaw report this. Last night during the second night of his two day stint at Newark’s Prudential Center, Bieber decided to teach fans a lesson.  He took a phone thrown on stage, stuck it in his pants, gave it a good long rub against what we’re sure were his very sweaty balls and threw it back to a different fan.

We know what you’re thinking. What in God’s name promoted this action? The answer is Biebers crazy fans, who throughout the night continued to huck various objects onto the stage even after he had asked them to refrain from doing so. It got so bad that Bieber stopped the show to explain to them what the word “refrain” meant. No sooner did he finish giving the definition when a smartphone came flying on stage. Obviously, the only option was to give it a good once around in his pants. And if you’re wondering if the fan that caught the newly christened phone was happy, yes they they screeched with joy and probably slept with it under their pillow that night.

Scroll to the 1:15 mark for all the juicy action.