iamamiwhoami Announces Debut US Shows

July 29th 2013 | New York, NY


You may remember equivocal artist Jonna Lee who goes by the moniker iamamiwhoami from her 2010 album, bounty, which mysteriously debuted on YouTube and became a sensation racking up over 24 million views. iamamiwhoami is set to release a hard copy of the album through her own label owhomitmayconcern.cc.

In support of bounty’s release she’s announced two debut US tour dates, one of which will be held at Brooklyn Masonic Temple. Judging by the creativity fostered throughout her YouTube creations we should expect to see a very special performance. Check out the tour dates below.

iamamiwhoami US Tour Dates:
Sept 22 – Oakdale, CA @ Symbiosis Gathering
Sept 24 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple (tix on sale 7/31)