Ten Springsteen Concert Moments Worth Celebrating


Writing about the Bruce Springsteen live experience has become a bit of a cottage industry.  With that being said, it’s a cottage industry because of the way Springsteen concerts have the power to move people in profoundly different ways. For one concert-goer, hearing “Thunder Road” live can transport them back to being 15 years old and driving way too fast with the top down.  For others, a solo piano version of “Incident on 57th St” is enough to send chills down their spine.

Quite simply, there is no way to fully encapsulate what the “best” parts of a Springsteen live show are because he means so many different things to so many people.  While we’re not the kind of Springsteen fans that have attended over 40 of his concerts, the internet does afford us the ability to live vicariously through these die-hards.  We’re not going to appease every Springsteen fan with this list, so rather than write about the “Best Springsteen Concert Moments”, we’ve listed “Great Springsteen Concert Moments”.  This is a career spanning list and doesn’t necessarily focus on the obvious (hearing “Born To Run” for the first time is an obvious omission). It does focus on unorthodox renditions of songs, specific moments, and other diamond in the rough Springsteen performances that we wish we’d seen in person. Were you there?  Please share your experiences on SuperGlued. 

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