Gigline: Vampire Weekend Goes From Playing Cakeshop to Barclays Center


During CMJ 2007, there was one band that stood above all the rest in the hype cycle, with lines out the door and around the block for every show and bloggers selling children and souls for chance to see them. They were a band that everyone thought would be the next big thing, the start of a new musical wave, the sure bet.

That band was Black Kids.

So great was the hype over that band that it allowed Vampire Weekend, who had been building a steady buzz since they started playing out at the top of the year, to play small shows with relative intimacy. But six years later, while Black Kids are playing Mercury Lounge, Vampire Weekend are getting ready to play Barclays Center. They're the New York band of their era -- educated, confident, good-looking and cosmopolitan, the perfect symbol of the second half of Bloomberg's term as king of the city. But while Bloomberg will be out a job soon, Vampire Weekend show no signs to stopping -- and New York, the city's that's nurtured them, shows no signs of changing its tune.

Here's a look back at Vampire Weekend's live history in the city along with some observations from people at the show. Were you there? Share your moments at Vampire Weekend's page on SuperGlued. 

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