Gigline: My Bloody Valentine


Photo Credit: NME

My Bloody Valentine (MBV) transformed the alternative rock scene in the early 90s with their inventive and larger than life sound. Led by legendary guitarist Kevin Shields, the band came to define the "shoegazing" sound through a combination of intensely loud guitars, ethereal vocals and introverted, mercurial stage presence . Their 1991 masterpiece Loveless ranks as one of the most critically acclaimed albums of all-time. The band supported the album with a U.S. tour that featured Dinosaur Jr. and Yo La Tengo. Everything seemed to be going so well and then the band just stopped. For 15 long years, fans would be forced to go to their local bars, hear MBV songs and go home wishing really hard that the band would reunite or something.

Kevin Shields got the message in 2007 and announced a reunion tour. This was around the same time that other indie gods such as Pavement and the Pixies were making wet dreams come true. But My Bloody Valentine's announcement was perhaps the most eagerly anticipated. They were the band to see at Coachella in 2009 and headlined several notable festivals including All Tomorrow's Parties.

Many describe attending a MBV concert as a shell-shocking, once in a lifetime experience. Did much change during the long hiatus? Maybe - you be the judge. Here’s a look back at some of MBV’s performances with reviews and footage from fans and critics alike.

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