8 NYC DIY Venues You Should Know About


Some will tell you that a DIY venue is defined by its illegality, an argument that has a whole lot of grey area surrounding the different states of ownership. Others, like myself, would argue that, really, it’s about programming. A DIY venue is only as good as the men and women who own and operate it and their curatorial opinions and techniques are the lifeblood of each individual stage. The DIY venue differs from a standard venue in a singular fashion: It’s willing to take unprecedented risks; not only in a philosophical capacity but often legal one as well. Other attributes surrounding aesthetic, ownership, financial gain and/or legality are secondary.

Here I will list a few of the freshest faces in the scene and talk about why these spaces in particular can bring your experience to new heights. The DIY scene is driven by passion, not profit, and thus sincerely on your side. The individuals, who own, operate and often times curate these venues have taken upon themselves the rejuvenating task of cultivating a new aesthetic on their own grounds. For that, we keep a watchful eye upon their activity.

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