Trail of Dead Played A Raucous Show at Maxwells (Photos + Video)

July 23rd 2013 | Hoboken, NJ

Trail of Dead

A line stretched out the doors as fans patiently waited to see Trail of Dead and Ume at Maxwells. At 8:40 pm the doors swung open and the line slowly snaked its way into the venue. Ume played an explosive set full of screaming vocals and guitar rock poses lead by front woman Laura Larsen. She made what was surely an exhaustive set look easy and natural. There’s no question that rock and roll is embedded in her genetic makeup.

Technical issues persisted throughout the night. Guitars amps kicked out multiple times for both Ume and Trail of Dead. During one song bassist, Autry Fulbright II of Trail of Dead, half jokingly threw a bass to the ground when everything lost amplification. The band responded with good nature but were obviously upset a the inability of the stage crew to fix the issue. Regardless, Trail of Dead pressed on, ending their thirteen song set and last show of their tour by joining in on a huge mosh pit which had taken over Maxwells during the last three songs of the night.


-Conrad Keely, lead singer for trail of dead jokingly asking everybody to turn off their pagers, cells, ipads, microwaves any other assorted gadgets in hopes that his mic and guitar would again be amplified.

-All the bands mentioning what an honor it was to play at the legendary Maxwells. Conrad Keely even seemed to be a bit choked up when talking about it, they knew magnitude of being one of the last shows there.

Maxwells Trail of Dead

Trail of Dead

Autry Fulbright II and Conrad Keely of Trail of Dead

Trail of Dead

Bassist Autry Fulbright II of Trail of Dead


Laura Larsen of Ume

Trail of Dead setlist

Trail of Dead setlist