The Static Jacks Played Glasslands Gallery (Photos)

August 13th 2013 | Brooklyn, NY


Photo Credit: Shayne Hanley

Last night New Jersey rockers The Static Jacks invaded Brooklyn's Glasslands Gallery to play their unique blend of lo-fi garage rock and classic Jersey punk. The Static Jacks have been playing together since they were teenagers which made for an incredibly tight night of soul bearing rock and roll.

It was strange seeing The Static Jacks play such a small venue considering the size of their rabid fanbase. However, the smaller confines only made for a greater sense of intimacy. Mixing crowd favorites like "My Parents Lied" with newer songs like their new single "Wallflower", the band left the stage at the end of the night to the sounds of an adoring crowd begging for one last song. Their pleas fell on deaf ears when The Static Jacks failed to appear, apparently content to live by the mantra that it's always better to leave them wanting more.

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