Squarepusher Played Le Poisson Rouge (Photos + Video)

July 9th 2013 | New York, NY


Last night Squarepusher managed to transform Le Poisson Rouge into a laser tag arena on steroids with as Nate Dogg would say, “Bass so deep, I can’t even seem to feel my feet.” His setup which features LED displays connected to sound sequencing technology allows the lights to pulse along to the beat which is pretty impressive considering how wild his sets can get.

You can tell this man loves his electro-toys. His arsenal includes Eventide “Orville” + “DSP4000,” programmed strictly with homemade algorithms, a Yamaha sequencer, 16 track tape machine, MackieDesk, Sine wave generator, Roland SH101 and Octave “Cat” synth. Not to mention a slew of percussion instruments and the ultimate crowd pleaser a custom built, six string, Rickenbacker bass guitar.

Watching him masterfully operate this one man electro orchestra/light show is nothing short of impressive. If you thought you were a talented multitasker Squarepusher will put you to shame while simultaneously enveloping in a bass ridden wave of sound.

-Watching the crowd go nuts over a slap bass, looped frenzy breakdown as seen in the video below.

-The impressive command Squarepusher had over the crowd. The simple raise of his hand brought on deafening applause.

-A hat tip to LPR for providing an overheated crowd with free ice-pops. Class all the way.