Santigold and Sanford Biggers Team Up For The Absolut X Event at Roseland Ballroom (Photos)

July 11th 2013 | New York, NY

Last night the Absolut X team transformed Roseland Ballroom into a dreamlike masquerade ball complete with installations by acclaimed multi media artist Sanford Biggers. The featured musician of the night Santigold teamed up with Biggers who helped design the costumes for Santigold and her backup singers while inspiring the overall stage design.

Questlove warmed up the crowd with an hour long DJ set atop a custom built Absolut X bar which was cleverly designed in the shape of a giant X. After everyone was properly warmed up and sufficiently lubricated with specialty Absolut cocktails created by the featured mixologist Naren Young, it was time for Santigold to take the stage.

Santigold kicked off her set with “Go!,” the first single off her 2012 release Master Of My Make-Believe. Her back up singers, who doubled as dancers, put on an impressive performance clad in grass skirts similar to the skirt featured on Biggers largest installation, a pink two story tall statue. She played through her discography of hits, changing costumes midway through the set and even adding in some theatrical elements featuring a horse costume manned by two dancers being chased around stage with whips. Yes, the description is as confusing to read as it was to watch. The evening was designed to give you a one of a kind experience and that it did. The word that kept running through my mind was collaboration which was pulled off seamlessly throughout the whole event.

-Sanford’s Installations were as beautiful as they were interesting, giving the vast space a much needed makeover.

-The crowd hopping on stage and dancing with Santigold.

-The unlimited amount of finger food and drinks provided by Absolut.

The line outside Roseland Ballroom

The calm before the storm.

Santigold and Sanford Biggers


One of the multiple face painting stations


The lovely Absolut X brand ambassadors

Sanford Biggers installation art