RiFF RAFF Played Highline Ballroom With Heems and Lakutis (Photos + Video)

July 29th 2013 | New York, NY


Mad Decent artist RiFF RAFF dropped by NYC’s Highline Ballroom last night for an evening that kicked off with performances by Lakutis and Heems. The night stayed in a constant state of high energy and anticipation as dirty south hip hop gems from the past and present were mixed and intertwined with drops to songs you thought you’d forgotten from the early 2000’s. Dirty South Joe made sure to keep the crowd hyped (and sweaty) for the headliner’s stage arrival.

Jody Highroller a name RiFF RAFF uses interchangeably, started the set with his signature eclectic flare. Chains swinging, he glided onto the stage, a champagne bottle in one hand and mic in the other. As soon as the beat dropped the crowd roared and rapped along.

The show got especially interesting when Action Bronson made a surprising cameo for his part in “Bird on a Wire”. The crowd was stunned with excitement. RiFF and his friends on stage, including Jackson Vuitton, happily shared their liquor and champagne with the front row and later helped a few ladies onto the stage. The show faded to an end during RiFF RAFF’s last performance as the stage became engulfed with audience members.

Words by: Mila Myles


- RiFF’s hesistance (and ultimate decline) to pour champagne into a girls mouth after realizing her wristband was the wrong color.

- The guy on RiFF’s crew onstage who was especially happy to be onstage and share his bottle of goose with any open mouth he saw. (he started the night off in a collar shirt and tie, but ended it in a black tank)

- Action Bronson showing up for a special live cameo and absolutely nail his “Bird on A Wire” verse.

- Opener Lakutis offering me a sip of his drink as we compared our gold teeth. Only later to realize who he was.

- The fans that came in spirit, dressed similar to the ‘Mr. Popular’ rapper. The true devotees cut their facial hair to resemble his.



Part of RiFF RAFF's crew feeding champagne to the audience

Part of RiFF RAFF’s crew feeding champagne to the audience.

Action Bronson during his surprise cameo for

Action Bronson during his surprise cameo for “Bird on a Wire.”