Phony Ppl Played Brooklyn Bowl (Photos)

Phony Ppl

Photo Credit: Cyle Suesz

At eight members deep Brooklyn's Phony Ppl have earned the right to call themselves a crew. The question remains, what kind of crew are they? As rappers, producers and talented musicians they span many genres and fit into a multitude of categories. The answer for now is a crew burgeoning with talent. Putting them in one box would be a tragedy and although eight is a lot, you can see that they operate as a well oiled machine. A machine that is having way more fun than you.

Last night's show at Brooklyn Bowl was full of positive vibes as ring leader MC Sheriff PJ hyped the crowd while shining some light on vocalist Elbee Thrie's production skills. As a whole, Phony Ppl preach messages of love, non-violence and anti-drugs with the exception of some green here and there. Their ability to pull from hip hop, funk, soul, neo-soul and jazz while blending it so seamlessly on stage and twisting it into something all their own is what gives them an edge. It's something special that we should all look out for.

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