New Order and Holy Ghost! Played Williamsburg Park (Photos + Setlist)

July 24th, 2013 | Brooklyn, NY

New Order at Williamsburg Park

Peter who? The outspoken and charismatic New Order bassist was not on stage last night. He’s touring separately and feuding with the other three members for going on without him to make some extra money. I love Peter Hook but it all just sounds petty. It’s like the current Black Flag feud – confusing and divisive. I haven’t seen the Peter Hook version but the New Order I saw last night was spectacular. They played hit after hit to a crowd that knew all the words to songs that defined the Reagan/Thatcher era and inspired thousands to pick up a keyboard. New Order fans more than made up for Bernard Summer’s immobility (broken leg) by dancing along to True Faith, Bizarre Love Triangle, The Perfect Kiss and Temptation. The light show turned the outdoor venue into a dance club and everyone joined along — twenty-something hipsters, corporate bankers and toddlers (yes there were kids there and it was cool).

There was a positive vibe throughout the night. Holy Ghost! opened with a set of synth-based tracks that set the mood. The songs were bright, carefree and profound in sound textures. After a 45 minute DJ set break, New Order started their set and the crowd packed in. Bernard Summers reminisced about all the fun he had playing New York in the eighties. New York doesn’t quite feel the same now but the sounds took you back to a time when the Mets were good, Brooklyn was dangerous and greed was cool. They played timeless classics like Age of Consent and Ceremony early in the set. And as the sun set and the lights turned on, the songs shifted from guitar to synth-based. New Order ended the show with three Joy Division songs and a moving video tribute to Ian Curtis. The band reminded us that their songs are timeless classics and that nostalgia doesn’t have to feel old.

New Order

Bernard Summers


Joy Division encore

Holy Ghost!

Holy Ghost!

New Order fans

More New Order fans




  1. Elegia
  2. Crystal
  3. Regret
  4. Ceremony
  5. Age of Consent
  6. Isolation  (Joy Division cover)
  7. Love Vigilantes
  8. Here to Stay
  9. Your Silent Face
  10. World
  11. Bizarre Love Triangle
  12. True Faith
  13. 5 8 6
  14. The Perfect Kiss
  15.  Blue Monday
  16. Temptation


  1. Transmission (Joy Division cover)
  2. Atmosphere (Joy Division cover)
  3. Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division cover)