Laura Mvula Played Le Poisson Rouge (Photos)

September 5th 2013 | New York, NY


Photo Credit: Michael DiGiovanni

When it comes to former teachers who found successful careers in music, Phil Collins and Sheryl Crow are the torchbearers.  Joining their ranks of esteemed educators turned succesful musicians is Laura Mvula, a former grade school teacher whose blistering blend of soul, jazz, and pop hits you like the sultriest anvil whenever she takes the stage.

The tightness of her stage show is a testament to the familial bond she shares with her backing band.  While Laura leads the way on vocals, she's accompanied by her sister Dionne Douglas on violin and her brother James Douglas on cello.   Four other musicians round out her incredibly tight band, and while there's something to be said for the power of her voice on its own, it's that obvious familiarity among band members that makes her music really take off.


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