Frank Turner Played Music Hall of Williamsburg (Photos + Setlist)

July 31st 2013 | New York, NY

Photo Credit: Shanyne Hanley

There are devout music fans, and then there are Frank Turner fans. Often sporting homemade shirts bearing the impish British minstrel’s likeness, hundreds packed into the Music Hall of Williamsburg for the first of Frank Turner’s two sold out shows. Their feverish anticipation boiled over before Turner’s set even began when a fight broke out during Off With Their Heads opening set. It was obvious from the onset that we were not attending a John Mayer concert.

After gently castigating the audience for the aforementioned kerfuffle, Turner delivered a warm, captivating set that proved more than worth the price of admission. The once rowdy crowd listened with rapt attention during both the older songs and newer material from Turner’s just released album Tape Deck Heart. Ever the engaging performer, Turner kept the mood light in between songs with jokes and banter that threatened at times to go off the rails in a Loudon Wainright “why doesn’t he stop talking and play something?!” kind of way but never did. Despite the audience infighting that marred Off With Their Heads opening set, the concert was one of the more communal we’ve experienced in recent memory which is a testament to both Frank Turner’s songwriting prowess and command of the stage.

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