El-P and Killer Mike Played Webster Hall (Photos)

August 14th 2013 | New York, NY


Photo Credit: Hafeez Raji

Last night El-P and Killer Mike wrapped up their two month 30-city tour at Webster Hall. The duo have been touring in support their new release and joint project Run The Jewels. The duo is signed to local label Fool's Gold, and the show took on the air of a homecoming with a crowd that found friends and family of the rappers interspersed with fans.

Local rappers Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire and Kool A.D. set the tone for the night while past collaborator and tourmate Despot also shared the stage. What's clear from watching El-P and Killer Mike perform together is that they genuinely like one another. It's obvious that the record is a labor or love, friendship and if anything, the opportunity for the two to hang out more. It's real. The love is there and we could all feel it last night as they cracked jokes on stage, told stories about their adolescent years and gave warm shout outs to relatives and friends.

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