Danny Brown and How To Dress Well Played The Skirball Center (Video)

September 3rd 2013 | New York, NY

Danny Brown at Skirball Center

There are quite a few perks to being an NYU student. In addition to paying the highest tuition in the country, you also get to start off the school year with a surprise show at the Skirball Center. A diverse lineup featuring indie rockers Speedy Oritz, R&B crooner How To Dress Well, and hip-hop’s resident oddball Danny Brown were on hand to help students get back into the rhythm of waking up, going to class and doing something fun for free at night. Apparently some kids didn’t get the memo and slept in as the auditorium was half full. Those who did attend were treated to a student jumping on stage to show off some dance moves to DJ Skywalker’s beats. From there, Danny Brown took the stage and encouraged everyone to just smile. And that they did. NYU Local caught up Danny Brown for a follow up interview — read it here.

via @jpage