CSS Played Bowery Ballroom With Io Echo (Photos)

July 9th 2013 | New York, NY

Luísa Hanae Matsushita aka Lovefoxxx lead singer of CSS

If you thought you were the coolest chick in the room last night you were rudely snapped back to reality when CSS‘ lead singer Lovefoxxx, real name Luísa Hanae Matsushita took the stage. At sixteen she was an illustrator and fashion designers assistant, in 2006 she was voted #10 in NME’s annual Cool List and in 2008 she graced the cover of RG Vogue. Did we mention that she’s bilingual and also dated Simon Taylor-Davis of the Klaxons? You just can’t compete with that type of cool.

Her waist length hair caught in the fans line of fire blew wildly in a way that would make Beyonce proud. Perfectly accompanying an extremely theatrical performance. Full of energy, Lovefoxxx set the audience ablaze. At one point, two paper fans were pulled from here pockets as she proceeded to incorporate a short fan dance mid-song. Wide eyed and enamored the crowd danced fiercely and at some points even sang along in Portuguese.

-Watching the paper fans being lifted off the stage by a gust of air and blow about the venue after the “fan dance.”

-Lovefoxx’s impromptu costume change, as she ripped off her wide leg pants mid-song to reveal leopard print hot shorts.

Lovefoxxx’s fan dance

Ioanna Gika of Io Echo