Anamanaguchi Played Girls & Boys Weekly Party at Webster Hall

August 16th 203 | New York, NY


Photo Credit: Marjorie Becker

Webster Hall was packed to the rafters on Friday for it's weekly Girls & Boys electro dance party featuring headliner Anamanaguchi with Ghost Beach and CRNKN.

Anamanaguchi brought their four-piece, video game-synth which served as a fresh change to the typical DJ heavy acts that dominate the Friday night residency. Say what you will about Anamanaguchi's unique blend of vintage computers, arcade machines, and old video game consoles, but there's nary a person that could call the setup and performance anything but interesting.

The Friday night rager proved unequivocally that EDM is alive and well in New York City through a variety of different forms outside of the standard "UNTZ…UNTZ LASER SOUND!" that has been bordering on rote for some time now.

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